The people behind the scenes:

Australian Partners:

All the teams involved with Carl Cox Motorsport have a great amount of support coming from a multitude of family, friends,management- and of course we'd be lost without those sponsors that believe in our skills & passion.


Carl & the crew would like to take a moment to give credit to those that have gotten behind the varoius teams and their vision of their chosen sport, without whom all of their sleepless nights of preparation would be worth nothing. To all our families who are willing to give up their time to help with any aspect of our challenges, including the copious amounts of travel and long days to watch us at the circuits-You are the foundation of our drive to succeed, and for this we say thanks.


And of course our amazing partners, sponsors and sister companies- without whom we would struggle to have everything ready to take on the world's top teams!

U.K Partners:

NZ Partners:

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