Our Australian Post-Classic Motorcycle team :


The land down-under has a thriving classic/post classic motorcycle race scene, and we're very proud to be part of it as of Jan 2015 in association with our Melbourne based sister business, TT Motorcycles. There's TWO bikes running the Carl Cox Motorsport colours this year-a Honda CR750 in Period 4,and a Suzuki GSXR1100 in Period 6!

Dean Oughtred : Rider Period 4

1970 Honda CR750

Dynoverks Specialist

By day, one of Melbourne's most reknown tuning specialists at  Dynoverks, Dean has gained an amazing record across multiple classes!


1st Victorian SBK Championship 2008

1st Victorian S/Sport Championship 2011

3rd Australian 8HR Endurance (superstock) 2011

3rd QBE Australasian Roadrace Championship 2012

1st Victorian PreModern Championship 2014, Inc lap record.

2nd B.S.F.O.S. 2014 Period 4, Inc. lap record.

1st Island Classic 2014 Period 4

1st Island Classic 2015 Perion 4


Also likes long walks by the beach and enjoys soul food...

Brian Browne : Owner , TT Motorcycles


Michael Neeves : Rider
Period 6 GSXR1100
Senior Road Tester MCN UK

Joining us for 2015 for two-wheeled action in Australia and Europe is none other than Michael Neeves, Senior road tester and journalist for MCN Magazine UK. Neevsey will be with us for several events during the year alongside his massive media commitments, starting with the Phillip Island Classic in January 2015 riding the mighty Carl Cox Motorsport GSXR1100 , where he rode brilliantly resulting in a podium finish 3rd place overall in his first competitive outing in Australia!

Gavin Sokolich: Brand Manager/ Logistics/ Media

An avid track/road rider & enthusiast with a history of racing since a young age, Gav has ridden all around the world and has now been given the task of all aspects of managing the various teams within Carl Cox Motorsport- based in NZ for the summer with the sidecar lads he's been involved with motorsport for as long as he can remember and never tires of things that go fast!

Brian (or BB as he's known in racing circles) has over 30 years experience with all things motorcycling, and the Isle of Man TT- he's now the man to talk to about early Japanese restorations or Cafe Racer builds as co-owner of TT Motorcycles in Melbourne,home base of our classic bike team and official importer of Isle of Man TT merchandise.

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